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NAA guide to mobile media

Texting on a keyboard phoneImage via Wikipedia Poynter’s e-media tidbits points to the Newspaper Association of America’ s mobile media report: Moving to Mobile.

Setting up a mobile Web site and text-messaging program is not hard, and taking advantage of the medium is extremely important for newspapers.

“Moving to Mobile” is a growth and development guide from the Newspaper Association of America that covers the many aspects of mobile for newspapers. This includes information on advertising and local search, setting up and running mobile programs, reaching youth and the state of e-readers. It also includes case studies from newspapers finding success in this area.

This is definitely going to be something to watch in the next year or so. I’m not sure of the angle for college newspapers, since it’s doubtful many college students are acccessing their student paper on the phone. But if it’s a revenue stream that will keep the news industry viable, I’m for it.

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