Websites – documentaries for free

Be Here to Love MeImage via WikipediaAs frequent readers know, I live sans television. What I watch comes to me through the Internet. So it’s always cool to find a new source of quality programming (like, for instance). Tonight, I stumbled upon (literally), a site that hosts documentary films for free AND allows you to embed the films into your web site.

For instance, I’m a big fan of Townes Van Zandt, the Texas-born singer-songwriter who died tragically in the 1990s. “Be Here to Love Me” is a touching documentary that tells the tale of this influential songwriter.

Watch it here:

After trying it, I note that it’s not a true “embed.” When you click the “play” icon, it will send you to the web site. Still, it’s a free movie. And there are plenty more documentaries to keep you occupied there as well.

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