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MTVu's Campus Daily Guide: your host is your competitor?

Campus Daily Guide

This week, MTVu, which owns College Media Network (the company that used to be called College Publisher) rolled out a new attempt at local information hosting: Campus Daily Guide.

If you click on the link, you’ll find a list of universities. click on the university name and you’ll find a compendium of information about local events, clubs, restaurants, and other information.

It’s a direct competition to those student newspapers for advertising. Not yet, but they plan to sell advertising on the site to local businesses (according to their FAQ).

I’ve e-mailed Rusty Lewis at CMN to get his take on this. At MSCNE this afternoon, several editors expressed dismay at the idea and the fact that the same company that hosting their web sites is now trying to draw away ad revenue.

Who knows, MTVu may offer to “share” revenue from the sites with the campus news media. We’ll find out.