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BigLickU no more?

big lickLast spring, readers may recall the huge coverage we gave to a push by the Roanoke Times to create a college social media site named BigLickU. You can see all of that coverage here.

Well, it appears that BigLickU has been shuttered. If you go to, you are redirected to the main web page. Even though “Big Lick University” is still listed at the bottom of the home page under “Online Features,” clicking the link takes you back to … the home page!

A search of the site shows no announcement that the BLU experiment was ending, but Chris Winston, the original editor at BLU was moved to the business section last year, and the effort moved back to the main Roanoke office, and things had been quiet on that front for a while.

Perhaps BLU is coming back in the fall. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Meanwhile, I’m contacting to see what’s up. If I hear back, I’ll let you know.