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CP 5 begins rollout

 Daily 49er

It’s official. After months of beta testing and questions, College Publisher is finally rolling out the new 5.0 release. Among the first is the Daily 49er at Cal State-Long Beach. Colleen Donnell, editor-in-chief, writes:

I’d like to officially welcome you to the new Daily Forty-Niner website. It’s been in the works since winter but thanks to a wonderful group of people including staffers, advisers and the team at College Publisher, we’re running live. I couldn’t be more excited. We are the first school to launch with CP5.

For history’s sake, I should note that Boise State’s Arbiter has been the “beta” school for a while, so they were working out the kinks before the 49er came along. Also first out of the gate with the new system is the Kansas State Collegian.

Kansas State Collegian

The Daily Eastern News is scheduled to get upgraded this month, so I’ll have more to say after we get a look at the whole enchilada.

The Daily 49er Editor’s Blog “blog” doesn’t seem to have a permalink for the comment above, which means I can’t link directly to Colleen’s comments.