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Curley's team leaving WaPo for LV Sun

 UPDATE: Apparent casual confirmation of the move to the Sun here.

Twitter updates tell me that Rob Curley’s team at the Washington Post is leaving to go to work for the Las Vegas Sun. The story is a bit vague on whether Curley himself is leaving, with an awkward sentence construction:

Curley brought a team that had done groundbreaking hyperlocal work on newspaper Web sites in Lawrence and Topeka, Kan., and Naples, Fla. It is leaving The Post to do similar work at the Las Vegas Sun.

I doubt the Sun would hire the “team” without the “coach,” but stranger things have happened. Much of the recent LV Sun makeover has been at the hands of Curley “disciples” (I hate that term, but can’t come up with anything better).

Whatever the case, good luck to Rob and the crew as they follow their future.

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