Dippity: another online timeline creator


Megan Taylor points to, an online timeline creator. If you haven’t tried, this looks to be a similar service, with a different interface and some more AJAX/Web 2.0 pop-ups integrated. You can see an example on the Dipity company timeline here.
Dipity lets you upload photos and link to videos, and also geocode your timeline so that it has a map interface built in. You can also view events as a “flipbook,” a la iTunes’ music browsing feature. Dipity timelines are embedded using javascript (not iframes as is the case with xtimeline).

Our students at Eastern started working with xtimeline this semester. Next semester, we’ll probably give dipity a try. Either way, timelines can be an excellent way to add features to a multimedia story, as long as there’s an interesting time element.

These types of sites are also good for multimedia journalism classes, as using them can force students to think chronologically about a story outside the narrative writing process.

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  1. I think I like this one better than xtimeline (based on a quick peek). The interface seems more friendly (and pretty too) and the timelines are embeddable!


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