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College media video vs. multimedia examples

Okay, I’ve had a few people get confused about a couple of different databases I have over in the right nav bar, so I thought I’d explain this in a way that hopefully makes it a bit clearer.

The College Newspaper Video database (here’s the submission form) is a simple list of college news media that are producing video for the Internet. To be clear: If you’re a TV station, and you’re just uploading your packages from the 6 o’clock news to your web page, I’m not interested. If you’re a TV station that is doing extra packages that use the unique features of the web, jump in and tell us where they are. NOTE: Once you enter your news media organization name ONE TIME, you’re on the list. This is not a list for individual video packages.

For individual video packages, and all other examples of web-based multimedia (podcasts, flash graphics, interactive maps, timelines, etc.) – use the Multimedia Examples database. (submission form here).

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.