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College Newspaper Video list update

I just finally got around to putting the college newspapers doing video list into a database (using Zoho Creator). The list is sorted by state, and you can see it here:

Video List

What’s even better is that you can submit your own student news site to the list without e-mailing me! Go to this page:

Submission Form

and fill out the form. It’s just that easy.

Right now, I have 36 schools on the list, and I know there are several I didn’t get on there because nobody let me know, and I don’t have time to keep adding to the list by myself. Think of this as a crowdsourcing exercise.

BTW, if you submit your site to the list, please include as specific a URL as possible. If you have a page where you keep all the videos, or a youtube channel, please put that URL in the space, rather than the main site URL.

The list is also available now in the updated right-hand nav bar.