Quick check on the web-first mentality

Here’s a quick way to tell if you’ve really adopted a “web-first mentality” for your college news organization. Ask yourself: How many of my section editors know how to post material to the web site via CMS? If your answer is “none,” then you need to get with your web editor and start showing those folks how to enter material into the CMS. If they don’t have accounts, create them. If they don’t know how the CMS works, then show them.

Short summary: the Web editor shouldn’t be the only person on your staff who puts stuff on the web site. If nothing else, the EIC should know how to do this stuff. After all, the web site is considered the web presence of the news organization, not the sole responsibility of a neglected staff of people who know HTML. The EIC knows how to edit the print edition of the newspaper (or whatever the equivalent for a TV/Radio station is), so why don’t they know the inner workings of the web site?